Trauriger Brunnen

On the “Mythos Berlin” project in 1986

Attempt at a description:

The "Sad Fountain" is intended as a monumental relic on the historic site of the Anhalter Bahnhof. (Diameter of the big wheel, approx. 6m - 8m)
Like a relic, it takes its meaning from the past:
sound and smoke, the movement of lights and shadows, the pounding
silhouettes, the flowing Coming and going and the sentimentality of this place:
The tears of arrival and departure, the work of the people and the sweat
of the machines, and ultimately the destruction of the station.

The "Sad Fountain" carries the wanderlust of a traveling machine, forms
a constant flow of dreams of arriving and departing and yet it is
on the spot.

Michael Schulze 1986

SAD FOUNTAIN, 1986, heightened collage, 29×36 cm

Relief of the SAD FOUNTAIN, 1987, 90×75 cm
Model for the SAD FOUNTAIN (1:20), 1985/86, 44.5×95 cm