Curriculum vitae:

Michael Schulze

Born in Trier in 1952

1970-75 Studied interior design at FHS Trier with Prof. H. Berger and Prof. C. Steinmann

1975 Studied fine arts and art education, HdK-Berlin (today UdK-Berlin)

1981 master student with Prof. Wolfgang Petrick

1985 First state examination, art education/secondary level II

1987-92 Artistic-scientific assistant, HdK-Berlin, Department of Architecture

1990/91 Working stay in Los Angeles, USA

1992/93 Working stay in St. Petersburg, Repin-Institut, Russland

1995-97 art teacher, Freie Kunstschule Nauen

1997-2017 university professor, chair of sculptural design, RWTH-Aachen, Faculty of Architecture

2009-12 Initiator for founding the "Society for Artistic Design Teaching in University Education e.V., "Vice President"

2015 Visiting Professor at Xijing University, Xi'an in China

2015 Concept developer for the art competition "Essen in Hessen" for all Hessian schools and students.

2018 Visiting Professor at the (GUtech) German University of Technology in Oman, Muscat.

Solo exhibitions:

1980 „Verfolgt von Max E. im Rollstuhl “, Galerie Kulmerstraße, Berlin

1982 "Tacho-Saurus", Gallery Kulmerstrasse, Berlin

1983 Droysen Gallery, Berlin

1984 "Allegory of Progress", TU Berlin

1986 Exterminator, gallery Pfeiffenberger, Berlin

1987 Villa Frank, "Works from 1977 -87", Ludwigsburg

1989 „Look out“, Shoshana Wayne Gallery, Los Angeles, USA

1990 "Excerpts", works from 1980-90, Cultural Office Wiesbaden

1992 „Look out“, Moody Gallery, Houston, USA

1992 "Look Out", Körnerpack Berlin
"Machinations", Gallery Zolla / Liebermann, Chicago, USA

1993 "Three open folders", Repin Institute, St.
Petersburg, Russland

1994 "Reliefs", Redmann Gallery, Berlin

2001 "Insinuations", Ludwig Forum for International Art, Aachen
- "Eifel stories animal stories", studio Schwerzfeldersraße Roetgen, Germany
Schwerzfelder Straße, Roetgen

2006 "2 places", gallery Einlich, studio Schwerzfelderstrasse, Roetgen

2007 "Michael Schulze", gallery 23m², Aachen - "Dedication Alsdorf", Kunstverein Alsdorf

2009 "Please comment", Gallery 45, Aachen

2013 "Pursued by Max E. in a wheelchair", gallery Phoenix, Cologne wax factory

2018 "World Tree", Studio Schwerzfelder Straße, Roetgen


Group exhibitions:

1978 Atelier Kulmerstraße, Gründungsmitglied

-Berlin Art Days, Gallery Kulmerstrasse

1979 Mannheim Cube, Mannheim

-Paula Modersohn Becker House, Bremen

1980 "4 master students", festival gallery Berlin

1981 "Borussia ahead, Prussia is not lost yet!", Installation of the Prussian machine in the Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin

1982 "Mai Salon", house on Lützowplatz, Berlin

1983 "Engine Room", Gallery Kulmerstrasse, Berlin

1984/85 "Art and Technology 3", BMW Gallery, Munich and Berlin

1984 "Awakening", Bodo Niemann Gallery, Berlin

1985 "Ikarus", NGBK realism studio, Berlin

- "Mythos Berlin", concept exhibition, Berlin

1986 Gallery at Moritzplatz, Berlin

1986 Schinkestraße, Berlin

1988 „Material + Spirit”, Davis / Mc Clain Gallery, Houston, USA

-„Container“, Shoshana Wayne Gallery, Los Angeles, USA

1989 "Beyond Words: The Book as a Metaphor for Art", San Francisco Craft museum

-„Feather, Fur and Fin“, Laguna Gloria Art
Museum, Austin, USA

-“Veksolund”, Copenhagen, Denmark

-"Woodcuts, lithographs and etchings", Zolla / Liebermann, Chicago, USA

1990 College of Dupage, mit Chris Sassaer, Chicago, USA
-“Exterminator”, Etchings, Moody Gallery, Houston, USA

1991 "Robots 92", International Biennial in Nagoya, Japan

1992 "Kienholz and Friends", Redmann Gallery, Berlin

-"The Foreign - The Guest", Open Culture House Linz, Austria

1999 "Robert Schuman Art Prize", Städtisches Museum Trier (contribution withdrawn after three days)

2004 "Take off-1000 dreams of flying", Art Kite Museum, Detmold

2005 "Deep Action", master student of Wolfgang Petrick in the Georg Kolbe Museum, Berlin

2010 „Update“, Verein Berliner Künstler, Berlin

2011 "Poor but sexy", Atelierhaus Aachen

-"The Library of Silence", Nadiart International, Verviers, Belgium

2011 "Under Pressure", contemporary art prints, Association of Berlin Artists, Berlin

2011 „9.Festival de la Gravure“, Diekirch, Luxemburg

2012 "I see that differently - thanks to you", 68elf, Mediapark, Cologne

2015 "REVOLUTION", German and Chinese Printmaking, German-Chinese cultural exchange and design association. DCKD, Dusseldorf



2013 Referent Akademische Bildung Mariposion®, Mariposa, Teneriffa

2014 "Art and Science, an Odd Pair?" RWTH-Aachen Science Night

2014 Kondiaf: "Money and Art"

2015 "Art and Science, a unequal couple?" Kunst Club Berlin, association of Berlin artists

2015 "Concept and work": The sculptural design in architectural education. Academy of the German Werkbund, Gnadenthal

2015 Narrative Festival Aachen: "The Manifestation of the Material"

2018 „Imagination, die Fähigkeit geistiger Transformationen“. GUtech Muscat in OMAN



1979 "20 Experimental Films", Gallery Kulmerstrasse, Berlin

1979/80 "Cinema without box office", Arsenal 2, Berlin

1980 "Comics and Animated Films in Western Europe", Gutenberg Museum, Mainz / Lucerne

-"Projections 2", SFB, 3rd TV program, editorial office Jurgen Tom, 1981

-"27. West German Short Film Days”, Oberhausen

-"Osnabrück Experimental Film Workshop", Children's cinema, warehouse

1982 "Ex-Peri and Nix-Peri", film festival, Bonn

- “Filmtage”, Atelier Kulmerstrasse, Berlin

1983 "Klick Kino Berlin", T: E: S: A: Film, program block 90 min.

-"Osnabrück Experimental Film Workshop", warehouse

1985 "Family picture", S8, 35 min., Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin

1987 "Hokus Pokus", five animated films, each 2.5 minutes, SFB Berlin

- "Michael Schulze, art is transformation", a TV film by Ingeborg Euler, ZDF 1987