Die Geschichte von der Wasserkugel

After Raymond Rouss


Once upon a time there lived Prince Rolfsen, who was known for greatness of soul and integrity.

Rolfsen, immeasurably rich, tenderly loved his daughter Ulfra, while he had been forced to cast out his eleven sons, crafty youngsters, full of mean and cruel instincts.

After Rolfsen's death, all his goods fell to the demure Ulfra.








Furious, the Eleven brothers went to the evil sorceress Gunvere and asked her to use some witchcraft to kill Ulfra.

She could only turn this into a dove for a year.


But during this time, the eleven brothers could easily put her to death if they could discover her in the kingdom of birds, where she would spend the whole time of her exile.

The sorceress gave them a bird to take them to the kingdom of birds.

She also told of a flying ball of water whose shadow would be deadly if you were to be hit by it.

She told them a Kabbalistic word that should protect them from this deadly danger at their destination. 

The brothers lived in the lap of luxury for a year, enjoying the fun present without worrying about the future.

Only a few days before the fateful date did they remember the impending danger, set off and followed the bird flying ahead.

They finally reached the forest full of flapping wings and birdsong.

Suddenly, full of horror, they saw the danger announced by the witch.

The ball of water and its deadly shadow instantly killed the bird that had flown ahead.

They searched in vain for the protective word they had forgotten in their countless orgies.

Shaken with horror, the young men tried to flee from the threatening aerial formation that doggedly pursued them.

Über  der Kugel schwebend, um den tödlichen Schatten zu entgehen, tauchte eine Taube ihren Schnabel ein, und trank gierig bis zum letzten Tropfen das furchtbare schwebende Wasser.

The brothers realized that they were dealing with Ulfra and their wrongdoing.