Storyboard zu Lokus Solus

Loosely based on Raymond Roussel:

Locus Solus is an oasis in the big city.

A house surrounded by a park with machines, sculptures and objects. People come and look around: Locus Solus has its own instinctive dream vegetation, a whole collection of myths.

In this Locus Solus resembles the rites of play of childhood, or better yet, the folk tales and legends referred to in many episodes, evoked by inspiration and knowledge from time immemorial.

A visitor comes to this exhibition and looks at the "wonders" in the park. During this walk, which may be reminiscent of a secret itinerary (path system), the objects take on a life of their own and begin to tell stories:

  1. The story of the water ball
  2. The Federal
  3. The bird Alexander the Great
  4. Danton's head

All inventions and stories - correspond with each other and find their finale in the big diamond, which hides a sparkling riddle inside, an infinitely dazzling, but above all a coherent riddle.

Nature and technology escalate and produce a web in which the visitor is clamped. He himself becomes one of the musicians in that diamond, which opens as a hothouse to the imagination and receives him.

The dualism of transforming real things and objects into myths and legends is to be formally emphasized in the film through a combination of feature film (plot in the park) and animation film (stories).


This Thursday my friend Martial Canterel, along with a few other confidants, had invited me to visit the vast park that surrounds his beautiful home. Locus Solus - that's the name of the property - is a quiet haven where Canterel likes to do its varied work in complete privacy.

It was a beautiful day, the sun sparkling in an almost uniformly clear sky.


Da's sound of a light tap drew our eyes to a contraption.

Canterel had constructed an apparatus capable of producing a work of art merely through the combined action of sune and wind.

The device, given the special parts, was able to visualize stories that he could input and recall.

He recalled a Scandinavian moral tale he wanted us to see about the machine.….